Already in 2006, the German sales unit of Roche Diagnostics GmbH started using the various tools from the Miller-Heiman methodology. Thanks to the excellent support of Duo Contrusting and in particular Gerhard Münstermann, the attention and acceptance of the methodology within the Roche Group has grown steadily.

For several years, the tools have been an integral part of our CRM platform and have become an integral part of opportunity and account management. Currently (2019) a global network of internal MH Client Associates will be trained, which will lead to an even more credible establishment of the methodology in the individual branches. Especially in an increasingly global customer landscape, the agreement on a common "language in sales" is particularly important for a global corporation.

Dr. Volker Strack - Head of Commercial Excellence



Strong methodology, concretely conveyed. Every training session with Gerhard Münstermann is a gain. His undisputed practical experience in strategic sales in various industries create a unique atmosphere of credibility and acceptance.

Gunter Lück - Project Manager



The distribution methodology for Strategic Sales by Miller Heimann was introduced to Diamant Software in 2003. Mr. Münstermann previously worked there as a sparring partner.

As a result, lead times have been shortened by more than 3 months and the onboarding of new employees has been significantly reduced with this structured methodology. Strategic selling has since become an established and applied methodology that has been optimized, refined and expanded over the followings years.

Mr. Münstermann not only distinguished himself by conveying a clear methodology, but also establishes a very precise and practical approach with the team - both sales and management. All of the trainings were always an enrichment and contributed to the motivation of the sales team.

We are currently working with Mr. Münstermann on the "Design Thinking Approach" to develop a benefit-oriented argumentation for various target groups in direct and indirect existing customer business.

Alexander Mosch – Head of new customers and partner sales at



The cooperation with Gerhard Münstermann of Duo Constructing is top.

His coaching is characterized by extensive methodological knowledge, many years of experience and a style of training that not only inspired our team, but above all helped us not only to achieve our desired growth in recent years, but to exceed it significantly.

Carsten Fehler - Branch Manager März Berlin, Authorized Representative

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It is not just the valuable training content and the systematics that are provided here. The enthusiasm, professionalism and empathy in which they are conveyed make the difference. For myself and for my teams, this was and is the tool for a professional and above all sustainable sales work.

Peter Seybold - VP Sales

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